Black Padded Gorget

Black Padded Gorget


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    Re-enacting? Do you wear chainmail or a breast plate? This item will not only give added protection (the shoulders being a common point of impact) but it will also make your armour more comfortable to wear; taking away all that fun-killing chaffing and rubbing to neck and shoulders . Once you own one, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without. Historically speaking, chain mail, in fact, should be worn above some form of padding. If a full interior gambeson seems too hot and bulky to bother with (and you might have a point there) then this padded gorget is the next best thing. If you are sparring without any body armour at all, after a helmet, shield and gauntlets; a padded gorget and bracers are wise safety additions.

    This gorget is made of 100% heavy cotton, padded with three layers of wool felt and is lined with cotton to add life to the garment. It  has been designed to give full comfort, freedom of movement and protection for the neck and shoulders. The high collar adds to the protection.


    • Circumference (at neckline): 51 cms.
    • Length (neck to shoulder): 18 cms.


    Dry cleaning is recommended.

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    1. Important accessory

      If you are wearing chainmail or a brigandine, this will come in handy for padding the weight that these place on your shoulders and reinforcing those regions against blows.

      If you are participating in medieval re-enactment or even something like HEMA, you may find this provides decent neck and collar bone protection by itself.

      Overall, it is not the thickest or the best out there, but it is comfortable and gets the job done for just about any purpose for a reasonable price.
      on 26th Apr 2017

    2. Good padding and fit

      Great quality product, appropriate thickness and build. Proved to be high enough quality that I'll be using it in Battle of the Nations 2017! on 7th Nov 2016

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