Boatswain's Pipe Keychain

Boatswain's Pipe Keychain (whistle) - Keyring

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    One of the oldest and most distinctive pieces of nautical equipment, the boatswain's pipe (or boatswain's flute, bosun's whistle, or bosuns call) was used in Greece and Rome to keep the stroke of galley slaves.  The pipe was used in the Crusades to call English cross bowmen on deck for attack.  Because its shrill tune could be heard above most of the activity on board, it later was used to signal various happenings such as knock-off and the boarding of officials.  This signaling device was so essential to the well-being of the ship, that it became a badge of office and honor in the British and American Navy of the sailing ships. This is a beautifully detailed solid brass and copper reproduction of a boatswain's pipe, mounted on a quality brass key chain.  The pipe has a copper anchor design on both sides.  The boatswain's pipe measures 9cm  long (excluding chain and ring), weighs .78 ounces (22 grams), and yes, it really whistles!

    More than just a keyring or nautical keepsake, this nifty functional brass whistle is a great gift for a dog owner. A whistle can be heard far better by a dog over a distance than a human voice, and it’s a lot easier (and less embarrassing) to blow a whistle than yell at a pet hound that has wandered too far. Dogs also seem to have sharper responses to whistles than verbal commands.  A humble whistle is also recognized as a piece of emergency gear. It is a signal device that works day or night. As long as you have the breath to blow it, the whistle can attract attention in foul weather or fair. But there is more to the use of a signal whistle than just blowing on it until you deafen yourself. There are “international whistle codes”.  Three blasts of the whistle is an international distress call, which is loosely translated to “Help me!” Two blasts of the whistle is a call-back signal which means “Come here.” One blast can mean “Where are you?”. Each whistle blast should last 3 seconds.



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    1. tooter

      This tooter does indeed toot well and clear, you do have to blow with a little force though.

      Altogether 9/10 old-world tooter great for scaring friends
      on 6th Jun 2017

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