Gnëzdovo Type 2 - Russian Slavic-Varangian Viking Helmet 12g,

Gnëzdovo Type 2 - Russian Slavic-Varangian Viking Helmet 18g, Butted Aventail

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    The aventail (chain mail curtain) provides facial and neck protection with minimal restriction of air flow, it even allows some downward vision through the mesh. Back in the day, an aventail was also an excellent defense against arrows, as it could catch the tip of the arrowhead, weakening its force by interfering with its trajectory. This helmet has an adjustable leather liner and chinstrap - offering great wearing comfort.

    • Weight: 2.219 kilos.
    • Height: 46cm (including chain mail curtain).
    • Gauge: 18 (with 20 gauge brass reinforcing banded ornamentation).
    • Circumference: 76 cm (circular).
    • Width:  24 cm (Internal width approximately 22 cm).
    • Internal (adjustable) leather suspension liner.
    • Two “Y” chinstraps (4 mm thick).
    • Replica medieval brass buckle.
    • Chain mail aventail, 23 cm long, fully encompassing. Butted steel 9 mm 16g links.
    • Nasal section 5 cm at widest point, length 8.5 cm.
    • The brass sections reinforce the overall structure and are securely fastened to (and flush with) the steel surface of the helm, and will not dent unless the entire steel dome of the helmet (beneath it) also dents.


    Historic replica reference and source: Kirpichnikov, Anatolij N. Old Russian Arms and Armour: Helmets. 1971. "Gnëzdovo Type 2"

    See also "Viking Rus, studies of the presence of Scandinavians in Eastern Europe" by Wyladslaw Duckzko, 2004.

    Authentic patterns on this helmet (as per the original) are very much reminiscent of Russian folk woodwork!

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