Húskarlar Axe

Húskarlar Axe

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    Upon taking this axe in both hands one is immediately struck by the dynamic harmony of shaft and axe head into one exquisite fighting implement. The axe head is light for its bold and dramatic form, and coupled with the ergonomic shape of the shaft, presents a fast and versatile weapon that is an absolute joy to wield. The light weight of the head in union with the long shaft allows for fluid control and rapid recovery from both quick mid-shaft slicing movements and shearing blows taken with the hands positioned further towards the butt of the shaft. It is clear that this axe would be a fast and lethal implement in the hands of an experienced fighter. This axe can be characterized by symmetry of form and function, giving off a palpable sense of historic authenticity. The warmth and care taken in its crafting and the handmade nature of this piece give testament to the artistic vision of its maker.


    • Length: 87 cm.
    • Axe Head: 18 x 20 cm.
    • Weight: 1.3 kg.



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