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Medieval Narrow Tail Point Arrowhead


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    • Length: 7 cm.
    • Width: 2.4 cm
    • Will accommodate a shaft approximately 9 mm wide.


    These arrowheads created significant wounds on any quarry or enemy, but the large triangular heads would rarely fully penetrate steel armour, so they were not the mainstay of military archery (despite their propensity to bring down any target). However, there is some evidence that military archers may have kept some arrows of this type in their quiver for stopping an armoured opponent's horse. These may have been particularly useful against a cavalry charge when aimed at the horses rather than the riders.

    Although the first game preserves in England were established by William the Conqueror at this time, the Saxon was permitted to shoot birds and small beasts in his fields and therefore was allowed to use a blunt arrow, headed with a lead tip or pilum, hence our term pile, or target point. If found with a tail-point such as this (for killing the king's deer) he was promptly hanged!*

    These sharp, hand forged visually accurate replicas are perfectly proportioned for aerodynamic functionality. An excellent reproduction: an archer 600 years ago would find them totally unremarkable!

    *Source: Pope, S. T. (1923). Hunting with the bow and arrow.



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    1. Buy 1 - You WILL want 100

      I love all the hand forged goodies available from the Medieval Shoppe. This is authentic and well made. I'm not much of an archer but I still want 100 of them :) on 26th Jul 2017

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