Norman Spangenhelm 14g

Norman Spangenhelm 14g

63k20.po178.snh2216 14g
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    • Size: 720mm circumference.
    • Weight: 2.9 kg.
    • Gauge: 14.
    • 120mm nose guard.
    • 1cm thickness of steel across forehead.
    • Leather liner with chinstrap.
    • Our Ref: 63k20.po178.snh2216
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    Historical Background - The characteristic Norman defence for the head in the eleventh century was the conical helmet fitted with a nasal, thus distinguishing it from the Saxon type, which did not possess this extra defence for the face until a few years previous to the Conquest, when Norman influence began to prevail in England. It was originally formed of four triangular pieces of metal plate riveted in a ring and meeting at the apex. The nose-piece primarily guarded against horizontal strokes to the face. In the Bayeux Tapestry the nasal is shown upon practically all the Norman helmets, which are invariably conical and not very high; they were secured to the head by straps under the chin, and at times by laces to the body armour. The nasal continued in use until about 1140, when it was generally discarded, but isolated examples may be found in every succeeding century down to the seventeenth.

    Beautiful Adjustable Liner & Chinstrap - This helmet comes complete with a leather chinstrap and liner. With helms that enclose the entire head, chinstraps and liners are optional, but with regular helmets it’s best to ensure they're secure with a chinstrap. You can get away with not using a chinstrap on a regular helmet (construction workers do it all the time) but it has to be a very tight fit, which isn’t always convenient. This helmet has the best chinstrap you will find. It’s leather (of course) and almost half a centimeter thick (3.5mm). Each strap is Y-shaped and attaches to two different points of the helmet – making it twice as strong as helmets that make a single connection on each side. This ensures less movement of the helmet and the preponderance of thick leather around the jawline adds to your protection.  The internal leather suspension liner is comfortable, malleable and fully adjustable.

    14 Gauge – In some of our competitor’s helmets (as a money saving device by their manufacturers) there is a gap beneath the plates under the cross bands, this saves on steel, but it also structurally weakens the helmet and makes the banding merely ornamental. Our helmets offer a full 2 layers of steel protection on the banded sections (about 25% of this helmet) affording the wearer 9 gauge protection in those areas. Just above the forehead, where the nasal section attaches, there are even three layers of 14 gauge protection (the inner dome, the encompassing steel band and the attachment plate for the nasal guard) equivalent to 4 gauge!

    Generous Size – If you take a medium hat size, you will be able to get an arming cap beneath this, if you take a large hat size (up to size 62) this will be a good fit – so everybody’s a winner.


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