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Snout-Faced / Pig-Faced or Hounskull Bascinet (helm) (18G)

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    Towards the close of the fourteenth century the adoption of this style of helm became universal, eliciting much uncomplimentary criticisms from contemporary writers who coined pejorative names for this superb design, i.e.: “snout-faced", "pig-faced" or “hounskull” (skull of a hound). In the Tower of London a similar helmet is preserved, weighing 5.2 lbs. (2.38kg). This sixteen gauge reproduction weighs 2.685 kilos, although without its leather liner and chinstrap, we can surmise that it would weigh about the same as that extant original example. The helmets were popular for good reason. The snout provides a crumple zone, gives good deflection, assists with air-flow and ensures that one’s nose never uncomfortably rubs against metal - vision is also surprisingly good. The helmet has a completely removable hinged visor, attachable with a peg attached with a chain.  There are fourteen perforated brass knobs at the side and rear to serve for the attachment of a chain mail curtain (aventail).

    • For hat size: 54-58.
    • Weight: 2.23kg
    • Gauge: 18
    • Length: 32.5cm (approx.).
    • Neck circ. (excluding brass knobs) 71.5 cm.
    • Height: 25cm (approx.).
    • Internal leather suspension liner (height adjustable).
    • Two “Y” chinstraps with period-style brass buckle.
    • Delivery may take six weeks


    Thickness: 18 Gauge. In essence, one gauge thickness (between twenty and twelve) isn't better than another - as it all depends upon what you are using the helmet for and how much weight you deem comfortable. In the late Middle Ages an entire suit of armour could weigh less than 20 kilos. A full plate harness (suit) dated to around 1510AD in the Wallace Collection (collection number #A22) weighs only 19.56Kg (43lbs), a battle-harness (full suit) originally belonging to the Archduke Charles II of Austria, in the collection of the Landeszurghaus arsenal in Graz, Austria weighs only 20kg (45lbs). A full (modern) 16 gauge suit of armour weighs at least 30 kilos. Most re-enactors favour 16 gauge as it's more dent resistant and also for safety reasons. Some even go as far as 14 or 12 gauge, but in terms of overall weight, lighter 20 or 18 gauge helmets are really more historically accurate.  The SCA stipulates a minimum of 16 gauge thickness for their helmets. I personally wouldn't recommend 20 gauge helmets for simulated combat but it's a complex issue, for example the  curvature and/or fluting and/or banding on certain helmets greatly increases their strength, so, some  18 gauge helmets may offer better protection than certain 16 gauge helmets.






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