Viking River Scheldt Sword

Viking River Scheldt Sword

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    Traditionally Made, Heirloom Quality


    • Overall length: 36".
    • Blade length: 30.25".
    • Blade width: 1.75".
    • Weight: 2 lbs. 3 oz.


    The Vikings had two kinds of duels, the Holmganga and Einvigi. The exact details haven't survived, but we do know that "Holmganga" meant "going out to the island". We don't suppose both parties came back. Serious stuff, that sort of duel, and that's one of the reasons the Vikings took their swordmaking so seriously.

    This lightweight sword, with its impressive cutting power, would have been the ideal weapon for a Holmganga. It was found in the River Scheldt which runs from France, through Belgium and the Netherlands, emptying into the North Sea. It probably dates from around 750 A.D. It's a beautiful example of a sword maker's magic.

    Carefully hand-forged sharp blade of high carbon steel. Full tang, wooden grip with leather wrapping, brass pommel and guard. In short, this is a real sword – not a wall-hanger. If you're interested in the Viking period, this could be the highlight of your collection. Comes complete with a scabbard.

    This sword can be seen in the 2nd publication of "Archaeology Of Weapons" plate 26.

    Hand Forged

    This is not a mass-produced blade stamped out of sheet metal. This sword is 100% guaranteed hand forged. The blade is shaped and delicately curved; created with time honoured classic sword making ingredients: hammer, anvil, fire and sweat - traditionally fired, shaped and polished by skilled artisans. This sword doesn’t just look good in the photos – it will actually look and feel good in your hand. You’ll feel the weight - you’ll feel the balance.
    Historically Accurate

    This design is copied from a museum specimen.
    Full Tang (very important)

    Tang is a word of Old Norse origin, meaning a sharp point, tongue, or prong. The tang is an extension of the blade that you don't see because it is hidden underneath the handle. On European swords it goes through the pommel (the end cap) and is peened over like a rivet so that the sword does not come apart. This sword is full tang, so it will stand up to the rigors of actual steel on steel contact, such as choreographed theatrical fighting, real parry and shield impact.

    Most swords, if they are of any quality, should already have a full tang and it doesn't need to be advertised. It's something to expect. Nevertheless, we do feel a need to differentiate this item as 90% of swords on the net (invariably manufactured in the People’s Republic of China) are only half or quarter tang. Such movie/fantasy pseudo-swords are strictly for decoration only, as the much needed support in the handle is missing. They might look pretty on a wall, but they will slowly (or very quickly) come apart if used in simulated combat.
    With Scabbard

    Supplied with a unique, custom made, hand crafted scabbard.

    Super-High Carbon Steel

    Our exclusive supplier uses a traditional bellows-driven charcoal forge to heat the steel, carefully purifying and carburizing each blade, hammering it into shape and then tempering it to perfection. The end result of these efforts is "Living Steel" - a super-high carbon steel blade (typically about one percent carbon) that is exceptionally flexible, very strong, and has the potential to hold an exceptionally sharp edge.
    No Plastic, PVC or Cheap Alloy Detailing
    Only solid steel, copper or leather detailing/accents (where applicable).

    Correct Finish

    The blade’s steel is not inappropriately shiny with a mirror finish, but has the authentic bright-gray subdued sheen favoured by enthusiasts.

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    1. Brilliant Quality

      This is the first sword I've ordered from and it is nothing short of amazing, especially for the price. It's weighted well and feels great in the hand. Arrived well oiled and in great condition. I'd definitely recommened this sword! on 28th May 2018

    2. A Wonderful Piece

      Truly a work of art. Beautifully crafted and balanced. The utmost care taken regarding shipping and arrived on my doorstep oiled and packaged in perfect condition. I am honoured to add this Sword to my collection. on 14th Nov 2017

    3. Durable quality viking sword

      I bought this sword 2 years ago to celebrate my Viking heritage. It has slain all enemies with ease - vegetables, bamboo, the odd sapling, & has stood up to steel on steel [except for a mead soaked thrust into a 2 inch solid bit of metal which slightly bent the tip :)]. I had it in storage out of the scabbard for 12 months with a light coat of oil. There is no rust and the blade barely needed sharpening! If I can't get the tip reforged cheaply I will have no problems buying another one. I thought this would be a rough entry level sword at the price but it is incredible value. I'm a shorty but can still pull the sword swiftly from the scabbard and the balance is great. Every Viking should have a sword and every Viking can afford one at this great Shoppe. on 2nd Aug 2017

    4. Quality and Style

      You can feel the quality in this sword from the moment you unwrap it. Sword and scabbard fit as one, and the brass just shines through. Has a great, comfortable, feel in the hand. Quality made and superb looking. Love this sword. Another great buy from the Medieval Shoppe. on 20th Jun 2017

    5. Quality and Style

      The quality of this sword is obvious from the moment it is first unwrapped. Scabbard and sword fit well together and the brass just shines through. Has a great feel in the hand and looks superb. Absolutely love this sword! on 20th Jun 2017

    6. Scheldt Review

      An absolutely gorgeous swords guys, I'm very impressed with the design and feel of it, and the contrast between the silver and brass colours just make it feel kingly.

      Feels and handles very well made, doesn't feel like a cheap chinese knock-off. You can just feel the craftsmanship.

      Other then a small dent in the mouth of the scabbard, which isn't noticeable when the sword is in place, I give the service and shipping a thumbs up!
      on 1st Apr 2015

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