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XXL Buckle-Up White Gambeson


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    This XXL size gambeson is made from heavy cotton and is padded from three layers of wool felt. This garment will give full comfort, freedom of movement and protection to the wearer. This particular gambeson weighs over 3 kilos, most others you will see on the internet weigh about half of that. Lighter gambesons might make nice dandy costumes, but they don't make effective armour. This gambeson may not save you money when compared to certain others, but it will save you on bruises and broken bones. It's your safety, don't go cheap on yourself! The garment is built for simulated combat - it has open armpits (the sleeves hinge at the shoulders) this affords the wearer absolutely no "pull" or restriction when swinging a weapon, it also ventilates the gambeson nicely, making it cooler to fight in.

    The Gambeson, called also the Wambais and Aketon, was a quilted garment, either used as the sole defence by the foot-soldier, or, by the knight, worn under the hauberk (chain mail) to prevent it from bruising the body under the impact of a blow. Many period illustrations also show that chain mail shirts were worn below a gambeson.

    The Gambeson, is perhaps the most ancient of all armours and was known to the early Egyptians. It was padded with a soft material such as wool, or tow, or cloth reduced to shreds, which was enclosed between two layers of material and then sewn together. Although offering but little opposition to a lance-thrust or the stab of a dagger, it took most of the power out of a sword cut and could stop an arrow fired from a long range. Against the mace, or a stone from a sling, it was of great use in preventing bones from being broken.

    For battle re-enactors, the protection it affords from heavy blunt impacts is superior to that of chain mail worn by itself. If worn with chainmail (as was common back in the day) the protection afforded is quite substantial. The belt shown in the picture is also available, please check our listings.

    The gambeson has four tough leather straps, set with solid brass double-frame buckles comprising of two addorsed D-shaped loops with subtriangular outer edges: a replica of an original 14th-15th century AD buckle (direct copy of a buckle excavated in Brockdish, Norfolk, England). This was a common design from roughly 1320 to 1420 and was widespread throughout Europe.

    (Reference: Egan, G. & Pritchard, F. Dress Accessories 1150-1450, London, 2002, p.88 item 386.).


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