Bevor & Gorget Plate

Bevor & Gorget Plate (16g) - Steel Facial Armour

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          • Weight: 1.2 Kilos.
          • Thickness: 16 Gauge.
          • Width at widest point: 30 cm.
          • Width for neck: 16 cm.
          • Secures with heavy-duty leather buckled strap around the back of the neck.
          • Bevor (lower face guard) comes in two sections, which can be lifted or lowered.
          • Comfortable and very secure.
          • Fully adjustable.
          • Free delivery for Australia & New Zealand. 


    The upper portion of this bevor is formed of two plates, the top one being hinged at the sides, so that it can be pushed down over the lower one. The wearer can thus speak and breath clearly without removing this armour section altogether, the upward position being engaged only before combat - this is an historically accurate feature ("He wore his bevor up!" Shakespeare: Hamlet, act i, sc. 2. "Their bevors up, their eyes of fire sparkling through sights of steel." Shakespeare: Henry IV, Pt. II, act iv, sc. i.). A spring catch keeps the upper plate in its place when it's raised. The bevor forms a single unit with a gorget, which has a strap that goes around the neck. 

    It was not until the tailed celeta or French type of salade had obtained an established reputation as a head-piece that attention was paid to the necessity of finding some form of protection for the lower part of the face. It would appear that the high standard of chain mail fashioned as a collar standing rigidly up round the neck, though popular throughout the XVth century, was not considered of sufficient protective power; with the result that plates of metal were added to a plate gorget to give full protection to the lower half of the face. In this way was the bevor evolved.

    Tip: Armour such as this, was often tied onto a knight's interior arming jacket (jack or gambeson) by leather thongs. This made the armour more secure, stopped it sliding and shifting on the body, and helped distribute the weight more evenly. This gorget does not come with holes for leather thongs, as they are not required by everybody. To add them, simply drill a pair of holes into the back of the gorget, about two or three inches apart. With these you can lace the gorget to your interior clothing/armour. In order to prevent cloth fraying, also sew a leather patch on the area of your interior shirt, jack or gambeson where the thongs lace through.




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