Bronze Studded Leather Vambraces  / Arm Giards / Medieval Forearm Armour

Bronze Studded Leather Vambraces (Brown)

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    Forearm Guards

    • Combat Ready.
    • Comfortable.
    • Durable.
    • Full Length.
    • Historically Authentic Design.
    • Safe Non-spiked.
    • Fits All Adults.
    • Friendly Re-enactment Community Price.
    • With Brass Eyets for Extra Durability 
    • Delighted or your Money Back.
    • One Pair – Left & Right.
    • Complete with Laces.
    • Weight: 276g.
    • Leather.
    • 26 x 27.5 cm (at longest and widest points).


    Long spike-like studs on other vambraces are dangerousto the wearer and unauthentic – unless you are trying to dress like an 80’s metal rocker! If a long spiked stud catches a blow, it will transfer much of the impact to the flesh beneath - something like a blunt nail. Furthermore, long spikes may cause self injury, if the forearm is knocked back into the wearer’s face. There are no government safety standards for this type of safety gear – be careful what you buy!

    Vambraces (also called forearm guards) are "tubular" or "gutter" defenses for the forearm, developed first in the ancient world by the Romans, but only formally named during the early 14th century. They were generally made of leather. Archers vambraces are different as they guard the underside of the forearm against the twang of a bowstring, and the lace is on the other side. These ones are combat vambraces: whereby the leather protection is on the outside of the forearm, which are more likely to receive blows. They work well beneath a chain mail sleeve, and indeed, both together are stronger than the sum total of their parts.   

    For over one and a half millennia it was well noted that reinforced leather can stop a blade, and it cushions and spreads the impact of a blow. Vambraces were (and still are) lighter, less expensive, warmer, more comfortable and easier to maintain than metal armour – which is why they were considered indispensable by most.

    If you’re simulating combat, you’ve got to protect your forearms. Vambraces are much more than just an authentic medieval dress accessory. If you get involved in any form of re-enactment, sparring or theatrical swordplay, you will begin to understand their true practicality and come to regard them as basic safety equipment. Just ask any experienced re-enactor: – accidents will happen and forearms are usually the first to get it.

    Take your safety seriously. Don’t go cheap on yourself. These historically authentic lace-up vambraces are especially made for simulated combat and dress authenticity. They’re reasonably priced too (they cost less than an average pair of running shoes – not bad for a major piece of medieval kit).

    – Need we say more?



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    1. Fabulous

      I purchased these as a gift for my husband's birthday. He loves them. on 5th Jan 2020

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