Brown Multi-era Dress, medieval Viking costume

Brown Multi-era Dress 4010

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    At The Medieval Shoppe, we are passionate about the quality and the authenticity of our historical attire. Since 2009 we have been supplying theatre groups, film production companies, advertising agencies, TV channel costume departments and re-enactors with our historic apparel.

    We do not claim that our dresses are 100% historically accurate, to achieve this we would have to hand stitch everything, use hand woven linen and natural dyes – unfortunately such indulgences would add at least $500.00 to each garment; yet we do utilize natural fibres like cotton (which was available in medieval Europe), felt and blended wool. Our dresses are created with an attitude of respect and gratitude towards the historical source material: creating visually appropriate attire that artfully captures the look and spirit of their time period.

    Our customers come first to us and we aim to foster experiences that are fun and enjoyable to all our clientele. Our goal is to help women find confidence in costume: this means that our female attire is tailored to the same quality standards as any regular shop-bought garment. Many “fancy dress” retailers market historically incorrect, whimsical attire that is made from low quality synthetic material. Such garments are so badly made that they are often fit to throw away after their first use. We provide women with quality historic costuming that not only compliments their figure, but also empowers them to feel confident in their new historic persona. Let us make you look fabulous.


    (cm) Chest   Arm Length
    S 96 57
    M 100 61
    L 108 62
    XL 122 66,5
    XXL 128 68
    XXXL 138 71


    Armour sections, belt and apron sold separately

    Cotton Dress

    Colour: As per photos

    Adjustable with lace-up sides

    Available in Small, Medium, Large and XL



    This dress is made from natural cloth and natural dyes. Dry cleaning is recommended, or simply dip quickly in tepid water a few times then leave the garment in direct strong sunlight to dry. Our sizes are generous - so a SMALL size dress would be around size 10 or 12, a MEDIUM around size 12 to 14, and a LARGE around about sizes 14/16. If you should require any more information about a dress size, please call us. 

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