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Chain Mail Patch (Butted Chainmail Sheet) 58 x 28 cm


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    Chain Mail Sheet

    58 x 28 cm

    9mm Butted Rings


    For Historical Attire

    When an aketon is used as a substrata for a full harness, you can cut off smaller sections of this sheet to sew onto strategic areas of the gambeson not covered by plate (to plug gaps in the armour). Or, if you are engaged in your own creative project involving some chain mail, this mail fabric section (if used as raw material for small segments) will save you many hours of work when compared to creating the links yourself.

    For Electrical Testing

    A cloak or blanket of chain mail has many useful properties for the electrical engineer and experimenter. It hefts over a given object: offering excellent conformity to the shape of what is inside and availing the user of hundreds or even thousands of contact points. It can attract an electrical arc (if desired) or, more commonly, it is used to test for electrical leakage: probing the surface of a plastic tool looking for anywhere that 500 volts would punch through. A constant-current source of 1 A causes a PD of 0.05 V over 150 mm of the mesh fabric. The opening size is no more than 3.5mm, so no EM radiation or electrical discharge is going to make it through the cloak.


    IMPORTANT Chain mail does not behave like fabric, and consequently it's not measured like fabric. If placed on a flat surface, it may seem slightly smaller than advertised. If you hold the sheet in the air and let a tape measure hang down each side - the proper dimensions will be revealed. Chain mail is measured on the full extension of the links when pulled from each side. If you sew the item onto leather (for example) at its full extension (without bagginess) it will attain its advertised correct dimensions. This is not "stretching" the chain mail, as chain mail will not stretch.

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