Cow Horn Tankard - Beer Mug / Cup (39) (39 TANKARD)

Cow Horn Tankard - Beer Mug / Cup (39)

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    • 100% Genuine Cow Horn.
    • Puts ANIMAL in Your Party.
    • Exactly as pictured
    • Party Like It's 1399!
    • Gulp It Like Gandalf!.
    • Make Your Celebration HORNY!
    • Very Very BIG.
    • Free Postage (Australia & New Zealand)



    • Height: 21cm
    • Width: 13cm (including handle) at widest point
    • Width of base: 11m at widest point
    • Circumference of rim: 26.3cm


    This cup is fashioned from a single cow horn, each one is so unique that each cup is sold as an individual and unique product: so the one you see here (in the picture) is exactly the same cow horn cup that you will receive! 

    These truly GIGANTIC cow horn cups came from huge bulls - these sizes are rare and our supply is unpredictable. These are great for ‘uncivilized’ parties, new year's eve gatherings and medieval banquets. They provide a great flourish to any medieval or renaissance outfit and above all - they're heaps of fun!. A real ice breaker.



    VALKNUT SYMBOL (Three Triangles) 


    This three triangle symbol has often been found on Viking stone carvings. Nowadays we call it the Valknut, but back in the day it's doubtful that particular name was used. Much has been written about the esoteric meaning of the Valknut, but in truth what you will find on the net is 99% speculation and modern Pagan wishful thinking: in truth, little is known about what it meant to the Vikings and early Norse peoples. Nevertheless, the triangle and the symbolism of three are of profound importance to a number of religions and philosophies, from Christianity right through to modern Ufology. The Celtic trefoil symbol also comes to mind.




     Coated with food-safe glasscoat lacquer on the inside and with a natural polished exterior glaze.


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