Crusader Dagger

Crusader Dagger

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    • Crusader Dagger.
    • Hand Forged Blade.
    • Full Tang, Traditionally Made, Heirloom Quality, Collection Piece.
    • Absolute Top Quality, Superb! Delighted, or your Money Back!
    • Respected, Well Established New South Wales Sword Dealer .
    • Free Postage Australia & New Zealand.
    • Length: 21 inches - 53.5 cm.
    • Weight: 0.642 Kilos (dagger) 0.787 Kilos (in scabbard).
    • Crossguard: Solid Brass, 12.4 cm.
    • Grip: Leather Clad, 11 cm.
    • Blade Width: 4cm (at widest point).
    • Sharp.


    It is safe to assume that medieval combat was fast-paced and chaotic, and that no matter how well a fighter was trained, sometimes the unpredictable occurred: a piece of armour could become damaged enough to hinder mobility; the fighter could have been unexpectedly thrown to the ground by an aggressive opponent. Period manuscripts detailing medieval fighting often show judicial duels in which one or both combatants had become disarmed. If disarmed, a knight would have resorted to a back-up weapon when available: quite often this meant the time-honoured dagger.

    This Crusader Dagger is very attractive in a rugged sort of way. The weapon has a very utilitarian look, with just enough decoration to make it an interesting piece. Its simple cruciform design made it popular form for many centuries (900-1600 A.D). It was used by many European nations during the Crusades - when after centuries of Muslim incursions into Christian Europe, Europeans went on the offensive and took Jerusalem.

    Period manuals show this style of weapon held in both the "hammer fisted" grip (blade extending from the thumb side of the hand) and the "ice pick" grip (blade extending from the pinky side of the hand), and it is easy to hold this dagger in either manner. This is a simple dagger with a dash of elegance. On the pommel is a brass nut that the blade is peened onto. Don’t get confused with shoddy copies of this famous Crusader design – this full tang, hand forged dagger is the real deal! This is an excellent buy for the price for anyone desiring a serious heavy duty medieval dagger. I have seen other daggers of this style in this price range that really don't stand up to the same quality in fit, finish, functionality, or historical accuracy.

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    1. Love the Crusades

      Wow just bought a crusader dagger and I'm very happy that I did, this thing is impressive it's like a small sword and everything I wanted in a dagger from the Crusades on 31st Jul 2019

    2. Good dagger .

      I just got it in the mail and its very good as far as i can tell , its not sharp but does have a point , nice weight . on 25th Jul 2019

    3. Crusader Dagger

      Good well made and practical weapon .....finish is good. Be at home with anyone hoping to secure The Holey Land for Christendom. ....well done on 11th Dec 2018

    4. Beautiful Dagger

      Just opened this dagger package now and am completely stoked!!! Such a beautiful piece, VERY happy with the purchase. on 21st Jun 2017

    5. Beautiful

      This dagger came as a surprise to me for I was given the wrong weapon (this one) instead of the one I originally ordered. Although this was at first not the dagger I wanted its still a beautiful blade. The craftsmanship is spot-on in the leather work, as well as the pommel and gross-guard. There is little to no fault in the dagger itself. [Note from Medieval Shoppe: after finding out that we had sent the wrong dagger, we offered to replace it, but the customer liked the Crusader dagger so much, that she wanted to keep it.] on 12th Apr 2016

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