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Crusades Sugarloaf Helm (16g)

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    This helmet comes with a fully adjustable suspension liner and chinstrap and is made from 18 gauge steel. Its steel body is further reinforced by brass banding across the face, and its highly deflective shape adds yet more to strength and durability: so overall, it's a helmet that can take a lot of punishment. It weighs just over 3.5 Kilos. It has an outer circumference of 76cm, a height of 41cm (at front), and the width is just under 22.5 cm. the length being 29cm. 

    By the end of the 13th century, the flat-topped helm was being given up in favour of the ' Sugarloaf' helm (as it is generally called). The importance of a ' glancing surface ' in armour was being better appreciated by the late 1200’s. Although thickness of material was of some importance in defensive armour, this providing of curved smooth surfaces from which a weapon would slip, was considered to be of supreme importance by the armour-smiths of later periods.

    With these early bullet-shaped helms (as indeed with nearly all great helms) the vision and breathing apertures were pierced in the plates of the helm itself and were not part of a movable visor – which was a later innovation. They do not seem to have been bolted on to the shoulders, as were the fifteenth and sixteenth century tilting helms, but rested upon the crown of the head. For this reason an arming cap (padded coif) was considered a necessary accompaniment, and we may surmise that the interior was further padded with fur, sheepskin or a quilted material, affording a more secure fit, extra comfort and supplementary protection to the wearer.


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