Demi-Greaves / Short Cuisse and Articulated Poleyn Combination

Demi-Greaves / Short Cuisse and Articulated Poleyn Combination (16g)

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    Knee protection is very important in re-enactment, in fact, in the early Middle Ages, when steel plate body armour started to make a reappearance (after the Classical era) the first plate armour sections to be used were on the knees, a very early development of medieval plate armour – preceding all other sections, apart from the cuirass (breastplate). We must suppose that there was good reason for thus reinforcing the mail defence on this part of the body. Probably this was due to the fact that the shield became shorter at this period, and also because the position of the wearer when mounted exposed the knee, a very delicate piece of anatomy, to the attacks of the foot-soldier. Then as now - you must protect your knees! An accidental knock on the knees could land you in hospital or cause permanent damage - so don't consider this gear merely for show!

    These are extremely common on tapestries and manuscripts of the 15th century, especially on archers. Although we may ponder their erstwhile popularity on the battlefield, the truth is, if you're keen on period accuracy these will be well suited for your purposes. For suspension purposes, it is recommended that you drill holes in the top of this armour, and with the introduction of a leather thong or strap, suspend these from a cuirass, a jack/gambeson, a belt or even fasten them to a pair of padded leggings or chausses. Personally I find that strapping them to the inside lower portion of a belted gambeson works really well. Not everybody wants holes in the tops of these armour sections though, so we sell them without.

    These are made in a 'generous' large size; they will fit virtually any adult male - the strapping at the back also allows adjustment by up to 10cm in three places! If you are of a medium-size build, simply wear them over padded chausses - although with the straps done up tight, even that measure isn't strictly necessary.

    16 Gauge

    Weight: 4.2 Kg (the pair)

    Length: 44cm

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