Double Ring Belt

Double Ring Belt

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    • Double Ring Belt
    • Length: 156.5 cm
    • Ring Size: 4.9 cm
    • Belt width: 3.2 cm
    • Weight: 178g


    Studs were a regular feature of medieval armour, and a belt was always considered an armour section in itself, even Biblical sources describe belts as armour. It has been theorized that the exaggerated length of medieval belts came about as armour reinforcement of the loins - after all, an extra piece of leather down there in a battle couldn't have been a bad thing. The studs on this belt are in fact coverings for 6 rivets that secure the steel rings. Six rivets! This is a really well constructed belt: you could only break this thing on purpose really. It should last a lifetime. As usual at the Medieval Shoppe we go the extra mile and give you a good look at what you're buying with a series of photographs. We understand that it's difficult to judge an item on-line, so we try to include as much visual material as possible; in this case we've included a three-step guide on how to tie this belt (see photos). It's easy when you know how.  There are other ways of doing it, but this is our preferred method.

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    1. Great!

      A well made belt for hanging anything from pouches to daggers and even swords. on 12th Apr 2016

    2. Good useful beld

      This is a very good sturdy beld, useful to hang any medieval kit from on 22nd Mar 2016

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