Early Medieval Seax

Early Medieval Seax

icd009c.23c .(1590)
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    • Weight: 0.645 Kg.
    • Overall length: 43 cm.
    • Blade length: 28.5 cm.
    • Blade width: 4.8 cm widest point.
    • Hilt length: 14.5 cm.


    The term seax is used to describe an early medieval knife, thought to be of German origin. The earliest known examples come from the 5th century from Frankish graves but the basic design was used well into the 11th century and spread throughout Europe. Variations of the design lasted even longer. The seax is a single-edged knife, usually with a thick spine that finishes with a clipped point. This seax fits nicely in the hand. It has a decent amount of heft to it and has the blade presence one should expect of a knife with counter-balancing hilt components. The curve of the grip is comfortable and it feels secure on the hand. There is no guard, but the weapon is carved in such a way that one need not worry about the hand sliding onto the blade if it’s thrust into something relatively unyielding. The EN45 steel blade is sharp and stout and should hold up to whatever use is thrown its way. The blade is polished to a satin finish with evidence of some subtle grind or file marks. We used a tough tool steel for this blade, that has a little bit of subtle texture to it: the look gives the nice effect, showing that it's more than simple plain steel. This is a fairly long knife and it has a serious "all business" feel to it. It has a superior forward balance and feels very much like a kukri in terms of heft. The strong leather sheath comes complete with a cord to tie around your mid-section. This cord measures 120 cm, which is ample length for even a hefty individual.

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    1. Medieval Seax

      A great big knife.
      The only thing was the sheath wish it had better attachment points for horizontal carry on belt like,the German seax you sell its sheath had 2,leather attachment points,for horizontal,carry .
      Other than that a great knife.
      on 6th Mar 2018

    2. Great dagger

      Well made piece of steel with a fantastic easy to hold grip. Strong leather sheath makes it easy to fix this blade to your belt. on 26th Apr 2016

    3. Awesome

      I love this blade!
      A really solid piece of steel with a no nonsense hilt and a good quality sheath.
      The grip is unusually wide and I did shave it down a few mm, but no complaints.
      Two thumbs up.
      on 28th Apr 2015

    4. damn good

      This is a hefty seax. What I found best is the amount of wood on the handle, makes it easily customisable for various hand shapes - without losing balance. In addition, the blade just screams for engraving, perfect! scabbard ok, but ditch the flimsy leather "belt". a Great buy! on 18th Mar 2015

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