Medieval Forearm Armour

Extended Vambraces (Steel Forearm Armour)

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    These vambraces made from 18 gauge steel, are held together by 0.5cm thick leather segments which are riveted to the armour, the leather straps are also thick and riveted. Not only do they cover vulnerable forearms, but the elbow and back of the hand are also protected. They are well articulated and comfortable to wear. The hand grip allows plenty of room for leather gloves.

    • Length: 39cm + 17cms Elbow Plate
    • Width (at wrist): 16 cms
    • Width (at elbow): 22 cms
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    1. Another Quality Product

      Like all off the rack armour these vambraces required some minor modifications to fit the individual and there needs, such as punching extra holes in the leather straps and rounding corners for comfort and safety.
      The elbow extensions provide much needed protection without sacrificing movement. The protective hand guards will fit comfortably over chain and leather gloves (I removed the left guard to allow for shield use).
      The straps are ample long enough to go over a thick gambeson or padding.
      I highly recommend this product.
      on 14th Nov 2018

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