Female Pauldron

Female Pauldron

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    Brief Overview:

    • Single pauldron (not sold as a pair).
    • Symmetrical design for left or right shoulder (or two can be worn as a pair).
    • Fully articulated spalder with three lames.
    • With neck guard.
    • 1.05 Kg.
    • 18 gauge (historically accurate for overall weight).
    • Overall length: 34 cm (including curvature, excluding top buckle).
    • Width of cop: 30 cm (at widest point, including curvature).
    • Width of top lame: 20 cm (including curvature).


    This single pauldron weighs approximately 1 kilo. They are comfortable and allow for totally unhindered movement. They buckle onto our female gorgets. If you already own a gorget with single shoulder straps that are not wider than 2.1cm, then these pauldrons should also attach. Some breastplates also have straps for pauldrons.

    These pauldrons are exactly the same as they were in the late middle ages and beyond (this type of armour was worn up until the early 1600’s). The design has not been improved upon at all, and indeed, why should it be, when they are so functional and secure? These will most women from size 6 to size 14, they will easily go over chainmail or a gambeson. The underarm strap can be adjusted by up to 15cm, and you should be able to adjust the gorget strap by at least 10cm also, so don’t worry about these “not fitting”.

    Any plate armour providing defence for the shoulder and upper arm needs to be light in weight to facilitate freedom of movement, this is why we chose 18 gauge for this armour, which is historically accurate for overall weight and is not burdensome for the wearer.

    So, just to recap, the top section or cop is anchored to the shoulder section of one of our female gorgets (purchased separately) with a single buckle, the lower section, which is made up of a number of overlapping lames forming the spalder, has another strap attached to its lower end which passes around the upper arm. There are three fully articulated lames on the spalder.

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