French Infantry Briquet (sword),

French Infantry Briquet (sword), c.1800


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    This brass-hilted short sword was one of the most common French infantry swords of the Napoleonic Wars (1799-1815) and would have been carried by infantry privates. It had a heavy, ribbed brass grip, with a D-shaped knuckle guard and a slightly curved, flat-backed, single-edge blade. It was copied by most European armies but rejected by the British. The US (model 1840) NCO’s  sword, as used in the Civil War, was closely based on this sword.

    A great sword for your collection, or as a retirement gift, display, or re-enactment piece. The blade is forged from high carbon (EN45) steel, and has been sharpened. The tang and blade are one piece going into the pommel, there is no weld. The hilt (basket) is solid brass (not plated alloy) and is of good thickness, rendering it an accurate copy of a sword meant for combat.


    • Weight: 0.824 Kilos (with scabbard) 1.049 Kilos (without scabbard)
    • Blade width: 3.1 cm (at widest point)
    • Blade length: 58 cm
    • Point of balance: 9.5cm from crossguard
    • Length of grip (within the “D”): 8.9cm
    • Width of guard (widest point): 12.4cm
    • Full tang
    • Hand forged
    • Sharp
    • EN45 steel
    • Accurate replica 


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    1. Beaut little sword

      Great service - great product.
      Well made & well finished - very happy
      on 12th Nov 2019

    2. An Effective Cutter (My Son Will Love It)

      Purchased this Sword as a present for my Son but I couldn't help myself and I had to do some backyard testing before I wrapped it up for Yule.
      Well, what can I say, it cuts and it does it well.
      It feels very nimble in the hand and even though it is a short sword I imagine it would be quite an effective weapon.
      I cut some plastic bottles full of water with this sword and it made short work of them.
      Not only is it a fine weapon but it also looks great.
      I highly recommend this product and I am actually thinking of getting one for myself.
      Great work Medieval Shoppe!
      on 5th Dec 2017

    3. Great blade for the price

      The specs advertised measure up and feel accurate and although not specifically written you will be glad to know that this blade is peened nice and snug. The blade itself comes relatively sharp and is fairly stiff resulting in surprisingly effective thrusts. The flex in this blade feels just right for the length and thickness and returns true each time. The balance feels blade heavy as to be expected but not cumbersome in any way and can be a decent close range cutter despite its small size. A little messy where the blade meets the guard but nothing major or overly noticeable. My only complaint for this sword would be that the edge could be sharper. The edge can shave paper however not with ease. I am not an experienced cutter by any means but I feel as though a finer edge would be more beneficial to the light cutting I have performed on some unfortunate bottles. Overall a great sword for the price, especially with a functional edge and already within Aus.
      Thanks Medieval Shoppe!
      on 28th Dec 2015

    4. The definition of beauty

      This sword was amazing it felt great in the hand and both blade and hilt shine. It's a strong blade and was well oiled out of the box. The scabered is great quality. Best sword I've seen in a long time I will definitely be buying from this site again 10/10. on 20th Sep 2014

    5. Great product!

      Like everything for sale at this site, this is value for money and an extremely good product. My hands are huge and did not fit the D-guard so I gave this to my son. But for 99 % of people there will be no problem. In conclusion, yes, if you are thinking of getting this, get it! on 17th Sep 2014

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      Thrand and Eldgrim test out the French Napoleonic Sabre Brique...

    French Napoleonic Sabre Briquet Tested on Analog Gel Head!

    Thrand and Eldgrim test out the French Napoleonic Sabre Briquet from Medieval Shoppe. They test it on Thrand's latest Analog ballistic Gel head and three inch plus rolls of wet newspaper or poor-mans Tatami. So sit back grab an ale, mead or cognac and watch wile Thrand and Eldgrim prove this legendary Napoleonic sabre was good for more than just starting fires! Be sure and like us on Facebook Be sure to Subscribe to our Youtube channel at Help us keep channel going on Patreon
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