Gothic Helmet ("German Closed Bellows")

Gothic Helmet ("German Closed Bellows")

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    Plate armour reached the perfection of workmanship in the second half of the fifteenth century. At no period was it so impervious, with curves and angles so admirably directed to deflect the impact of sword or lance, and articulations so skilfully devised to mitigate the restraint on freedom of movement necessarily imposed by a sheathing of steel. Never was armour so closely fitted to the contour of the body, and thus so elegant, so easily and therefore so constantly worn. This, the so-called "Gothic Armour," is the cynosure of collectors. This Gothic armour is the armour of the Van Eycks and Memling, of Perugino and Leonardo, and of the earlier works of Albert Diirer. The sumptuously illuminated French and English manuscripts of the fifteenth century depict it in use in every vicissitude of war or combat, by sea and land, on horse and foot, and testify how little it impeded the freedom of action of the wearer.

    This German Closed Bellows Helmet replicates a 16th century piece of armor that would have been the favourite of many warriors, thanks to its protective strength. The helmet consists of an all-steel piece with a rotating bellows visor in the front, as well as a median ridge that runs along the helmet's centre line. The ridge (or comb) serves to enhance the strength of the helmet, while also diverting blows down the side of the helmet. The ridges in the visor improve its defensive capabilities, while several small cut-out holes serve to improve the helmets ventilation. The helm itself is crafted from 16 gauge steel, which provides a perfect middle ground for both weight and protection. The helmet features an internal lining and is fully wearable, either for costume use or reenactment. With its unique look and feel, this German Closed Bellows Helmet would make a great addition to any suits of German gothic armour you might have, or it would also make a great individual display piece once it was set up on a nice helmet stand.

    Generous Size: will fit anybody - for people with a medium hat size, we recommend that this helmet is worn with an arming cap. 


    • Height: 30cm
    • Width: 21cm
    • Weight: 3.2 kg
    • Gauge: 16





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