Gothic Renaissance Knight's Helm (18g)

Gothic Renaissance Knight's Helm (18g)

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    • Height: approximately 30 cm
    • Width of neck: 16 cm and 14.5 cm wide internal neck allowance.
    • Circumference: at widest point 94 cm.
    • Suspension liner.
    • Chinstrap.
    • Weight: 2.55 kg.


    These gracefully outlined helmet represents the zenith of medieval helmet design, and remained popular throughout the 1500's. The wearer’s head was completely protected from sword blades and to all arrows at medium to long range. Even at short range, only certain types of bows with armour piercing bodkins could hope to penetrate into one. Its strength was largely due to the comb, and its highly rounded nature. In the late sixteenth century (Tudor period) they were even impervious to the primitive low-velocity firearms of that era. This advantage was lost in the early 17th century with the improvement of both gunpowder and gun design, but such was the design’s significance and style, that ever since the close helm has been associated in Western culture as the classic headpiece of the chivalrous knight.

    This is helmet has an adjustable suspension liner and “Y”-shaped chinstraps, which are securely riveted to four points on the helm’s interior. The helm is historically accurate for the 15th century and is of an historically accurate weight (back in the day, entire suits of armour could weigh as little as 16 kilos). Its shape fits the head to such an extent that it must be opened to be put on. The visor is adequately pierced with oculariums (vision slits) and perforations for the admission of air. The visor lifts up by means of a pivot over each ear and lifts smoothly over the crest (also known as a comb). When closed, the visor sits over a portion of the forehead also covered by the skull-piece, and so reinforces that area. The bevor (which also has rounded edges for strength and comfort) opens up in two halves, to give access for the head. 


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