Húskarlar Axe

Húskarlar Axe

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    Upon taking this axe in both hands one is immediately struck by the dynamic harmony of shaft and axe head into one exquisite fighting implement. The axe head is light for its bold and dramatic form, and coupled with the ergonomic shape of the shaft, presents a fast and versatile weapon that is an absolute joy to wield. The light weight of the head in union with the long shaft allows for fluid control and rapid recovery from both quick mid-shaft slicing movements and shearing blows taken with the hands positioned further towards the butt of the shaft. It is clear that this axe would be a fast and lethal implement in the hands of an experienced fighter. This axe can be characterized by symmetry of form and function, giving off a palpable sense of historic authenticity. The warmth and care taken in its crafting and the handmade nature of this piece give testament to the artistic vision of its maker.


    • Length: 87 cm.
    • Axe Head: 18 x 20 cm.
    • Weight: 1.3 kg.



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    1. huskarlar axe

      The first thing I noticed was the the perfect balance, & ease of handling. Nice edge. Single hand fighting easy as well. A lovely weapon, I would highly recommend. Great prices too on all these axes. on 4th Sep 2018

    2. Balance

      Nicely weighted for both 2 and single handed. Great look to her. Nice addition to the armory. on 29th May 2018

    3. Huskarlar axe

      On first encountering this axe I was really impressed by the balance which is immediate in ones hands. I could definitely see a housecarl performing a sort of dance of death with this axe, sweeping the handle in wide arcing rotations every which way to confuse and eventually disable an enemy. And the 'ringing' sound from a quick tap to the blade with a fingertip tells you it is a well made axehead.

      Having myself an average armspan the huskarlar is perfect for my physical dynamics. Previously I had been the proud owner of a Norwegian axe, a beautiful piece though unfortunately for me the size of the blade was such that only a larger man could effectively weild the beast without looking silly, at least six feet in height with long arms would have been perfect, gives one a sense of how large some of these warriors were, indeed, the weapon could be as individual as the man wielding it.

      From experience I've found the fixing of the shaft to be almost as important as the make of the axe itself. And the huskarlar does not disappoint, the axe head is firmly riveted to the handle with absolutely no wriggle room, so no errant axeheads flying off the handle while in the heat of combat.

      The edge is quite diminutive, but this can be remedied, which I prefer, working on your own weapon installs a greater sense of ownership rather than having everything done for you I have found. There is also room for modifications to the handle, some engraving or leather strapping perhaps.

      As for the providence of the design I can only assume it is based on its namesake, from an image on the bayeaux tapestry. A moustached fellow is in the process of decapitating a black hourse head from behind the ear, poor hourse. Though there are similarities with both the Dane axe and Slavic designs from that era with the longer 'cheek'.

      Overall very pleased with this huskarlar, another bonus it fits inside my homemade chest!
      on 22nd Mar 2018

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