Italian Corseque Polearm

Italian Corseque c.1500 (polearm head)

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    The Corseque had curved wings bending back towards the handle of the weapon. It was similar to the partisan, but exhibited a spike rather than a blade. It was a specialized polearm built for punching through plate armour and hooking knights off their horses. Although "Italian" by origin and manufacture, Italy was the major arms and armour exporter of Europe in the 16th century, so the "Italian Corseque" was just as likely to have been found on the battlefields of France, Germany, etc., as Italy.

    • Weight: 1.081 Kg
    • Width:  17 Cm
    • Length: 55.5 cm
    • Socket width: 2.7 cm (tapering)
    • EN45 Steel
    • With nail hole
    • Sharp tip
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    1. Corseque

      Haven't driven it through an enemy yet but the price and shipping (in Australia) represents excellent value. I have run differing grades of sandpaper over it to spruce it up. Solid, cheap, good. on 15th Jan 2020

    2. Asthetic

      Quite a large piece this one. Probably the nicest looking weapon I own. Has a not so subtle fleur de li's design which I find attractive. First polearm in my collection too. I have a nice tassie oak pole I'm going to mount it to. As always, swift delivery and incredible value for money! on 27th Aug 2019

    3. Qaulity

      Yet another qaulity piece to add in anyone's collection. Real well made. on 4th Dec 2015

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    • Corseque Polearm versus Plate Armor Test!
      Thrand test out Medieval Shoppes Italian Corseque c.1500 (pole...

    Corseque Polearm versus Plate Armor Test!

    Thrand test out Medieval Shoppes Italian Corseque c.1500 (polearm head) and on special request by Medieval shoppe test it against the famous 15th century Breast plate as seen in previous videos that has even stopped an 80lb draw bow with bodkin. Thrand also test it against an arming jackets gambeson gusset in the under arm niche to see how well it penetrates. So sit back grab an ale, mead or wine and enjoy this epic polearm head design tested to its fullest! Be sure and like us on Facebook Be sure to Subscribe to our Youtube channel at Help us keep channel going on Patreon
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