Late 15th Century Large Dagger

Large 14th Century Dagger

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    (Blackbutt NSW)

    Proudly Presents its:

    14th Century Dagger


    Measurements and Specifications:

    Weight: 0.567Kg
    Overall length: 51.5cm
    Blade length: 34.5cm
    Blade width: 4.3cm
    Cross width: 12.2cm
    Grip  length 11cm
    Point of Balance (PoB): at crosshguard


    This large dagger could serve as a short sword just as well, and may be an interesting option for persons of short stature. It is very agile and fast, and very easy to handle. The length makes it a close-combat weapon, good for stabbing and slashing. It has a nice "flick" to it, and tracks quickly.

    The fit and finish is very good, with no rattling, gaps or any noticeable grind marks. The blade comes sharp. The brass pommel and the cross are cast in solid brass. The grip is ribbed with cord and covered with thin, black leather, providing a secure and comfortable hold: as is evident from the photos.  The tang is a threaded rod welded to a split stub tang: the weld being very well made. Considering the 10 mm diameter of the rod, it is extremely unlikely to break even when subjected to heavy abuse, and (if it were not sharp) would stand up very well to stage/reenactment combat - but as this is a sharp version, it should not be used for such purposes!

    The EN45 steel, tempered, full tang weapon is supplied with a well-made, heavy sheath, with brass scabbard mouth and tip. This dagger should be a favourite with those who look for a secondary weapon, for example for an archer outfit. Given the popularity of the Lord of the Rings & Hobbit movies, the sword is an ideal hobbit-sized sword! 




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    1. Amazing dagger

      This dagger is so beautiful, one thing is true of this weapons description, short sword for in close quarters. I'd hate to be on the receiving end of it on 10th Dec 2019

    2. Beautiful Balance

      As soon as I held this I was impressed by the weight, and point of balance. Initially I was looking to use it as a left handed dagger and still will, but the size and weight makes it a formidable weapon in it's own right, especially for close up and agile fighting.
      Only complaint I have is it is very loose in the scabbard, rattles badly. But I will be fixing this with some leather inserts so not a biggy really
      on 12th Jun 2018

    3. Little Sword

      Its the same size as the Hobbits Sword Sting, it is very sharp. on 31st Mar 2018

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