Leutfrit Anglo-Saxon Sword

Leutfrit Anglo-Saxon Sword

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    This sword is double-edged, fullered, with a guard inlaid with silver and copper alloy and a lobed pommel. The down-curved guard of the sword is inlaid with a series of lozenges and the same pattern appears on the pommel-guard. Although many of its features have similarities to what the Vikings were producing, this sword is more of an anti-Viking sword, rather than a Viking sword! It's a functional copy of an Anglo Saxon 10th century sword found in the River Witham opposite Monks Abbey, Lincoln, England. The British Museum acquired it in 1948. It's of Evison’s Wallingford Bridge type (a later development of Petersen’s Anglo-Saxon type L). It has a hefty strong blade and a trilobate pommel. As stated, the original has traces of inlaid lozenges and the curved guard is similarly inlaid - all of which we have recreated here, so that the weapon appears in all its former glory, as when new. The original blade bears the inscription LEUTLRIT (with inverted final T) near the hilt on one side and a reversed S on the opposite side. The inscription represents a continental Germanic name, possibly to be read as Leuterit, Leutirit, or Leutfrit. The name suggests that the blade is of continental manufacture, while the hilt-fittings would have been added by an Anglo-Saxon craftsman. The name occurs on two other swords from Estonia and Russia and there is a possible Anglo-Saxon copy from the Thames at Battersea. A reversed S-scroll with the addition of tendrils is seen on a sword from Al’myet’yevo, Russia.


    • Silver pommel and guard with copper lozenges.
    • Wood grip with decorative silver pins.
    • High carbon steel 79cm blade.
    • Overall length 97cm. Weight 1.4kg.
    • Comes with attractive leather woven scabbard.
    • Free postage (Australia & NZ) 


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    1. Anglo Saxon mitght!

      This sword is absolutely fantastic, it’s beautiful too look at and a formidable weapon, in chops as well as a powerful axe can! 10/10 on 13th Jan 2020

    2. what a beast

      This sword is crazy it worthy to chop anything in it's path. The finish on the sword is amazing the detail is spot on and I'm surprised at how light it is even know it's a big sword. I'm happy to have this in my collection now. on 4th Dec 2019

    3. Anglo Saxon Beauty

      Another quality Medieval Shoppe product. This beautiful copper and silver enhanced Anglo Saxon sword has become an instant favourite in my sword collection. The photos just don't do it justice. Absolutely gorgeous metalwork, well balanced blade, has the feel of something solid, and long lasting. Love it. on 25th Dec 2018

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