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    Simply put this sword handles like a piece half its size. It is as light as a feather and quick as the wings of a hummingbird. Songs and poems need to be written about this sword. This blade is as close to a magical weapon as we will get to see in this age. Its edge geometry and blade profile combined with its excellently balanced hilt furniture unite to make a blade that is responsive, fast, and a cutter beyond compare. This is the best performing sword I have ever owned, and one of the two best performing swords I have ever held.

    This sword is a performance piece, pure and simple, and as befits a working tool, it is not polished to as high a degree as other maker's blades. The blade is sharp and ready to cut straight out of the box, although further sharpening is very easy. Fittings are top notch with the quillons showing graceful curves and subtle decorative touches. Everything is tight and well put together. The handle has tight leather over hardwood wrap. This longsword is an amazing blend of modern manufacturing techniques and handcrafted artistry. The heroic dimensions of this piece are rendered usable by simple attention to detail.

    A natural progression from the two-handed “arming” or “knightly” swords of the early to mid-medieval period was the first longswords, with the main difference being an increase in blade length. The longsword double-edged blade was 80-95 cm (31 – 37in) long and weighed in at approximately 1-2kg (2.2-4.4lb). This was very much the sword of the late medieval period and was used from around 1360 to 1560. The length of the grip was extended to allow a more powerful and directed use of two hands, but the traditional cruciform hilt was still retained. The longsword was a new departure in sword design and this innovation was soon witnessed in its battlefield application. It had the usual cutting functions expected of a broadsword but the blade profile had become thinner and was now designed (through the stiffening of the blade tip) to thrust and penetrate plate armour.


    • Weight: 1.398 kg
    • Overall length: 115 cm
    • Blade length: 91.2 cm
    • Blade width: 4.5 cm (tapering)
    • Crossguard: 24 cm
    • With scabbard
    • Full tang
    • Sharp
    • Hand forged
    • EN45 Steel
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    1. Awsome

      What a great sword,
      Feels great in the hand, well balanced, and lighter than you would think, tracks well and recovers fantasticly,
      Straight away tops 3 swords I own.
      on 30th Nov 2016

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