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Nordic Axe

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    Many kinds of weapons played significant and important roles on the medieval battlefield. Some weapons were created as special purpose martial and military appliances, while others evolved from the tools people tended to have at hand for times of need. Inevitably, some tools became popular as weapons and spawned new versions of themselves dedicated to fighting and warfare. One tool that often found its way onto the field of battle, and then spawned specialized fighting versions, was the axe. Using the axe as a weapon is compelling for many reasons. Most people were, and still are, familiar with axes.

    The basic use of an axe is immediately evident upon grasping it, and even an unskilled axe wielder can still deliver a very powerful blow with an axe since it efficiently concentrates force at the end of the lever. It is also generally accepted that axes are easier and cheaper to produce than swords, and they can also be produced in volume by less skilled craftsmen. The Nordic Axe is designed as a single-handed weapon. Its fairly light weight makes it easy to use as a hand weapon and also makes it easy to throw. Thus far mine has proven to be accurate at short to medium ranges. Long range accuracy is, I suspect, more limited by my ability than any property of the axe!

    I have also discovered that this axe is a capable wood chopper. Functionally, it feels and performs like a camp axe in this application. The edge has held well through all my use. Thus far the haft of the axe has also remained tightly attached to the axe head; a definite plus. Due to its size and weight, the Nordic Axe is not a weapon I can envision sundering a shield, but does concentrate quite a bit of punch. It lacks the awful (unauthentic) glossy black head and wide silver blade band, that make other similar reproduction axes look like modern shed tools; instead its surface is wonderfully gnarled and pitted, making it look as if it was forged in Scandinavia a thousand years ago.


    Measurements and Specifications:

    • Weight: 0.657 Kilos.
    • Overall Length: 51 cm.
    • Head Width: 16 cm.
    • Head Height: 9.6 cm (widest point).
    • Haft Thickness: 3.5 x 2.1 cm (oval).






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    1. Its great

      My Nordic axe arrived today , and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of it. It feels really good in my hand and it packs a wallop when you hit the end of a log. on 19th Oct 2021

    2. Light and strong

      5 out of 5, simple, light, strong perfect length for some one around 6". It can be repairable if damaged and easy to swap out handles if need be. Was shipped quickly and packaged well. Only thing I would add is a carved grip about hand width about 2 inches up from base if handle. I'm making a leather sheath for easy carry when hiking. on 11th Aug 2020

    3. So good I bought 2

      Very light and balanced extremely well. The axe arrived sharp enough to shave with and with a hardwood handle. I like the finish with it’s forge marks. It’s a perfect camp bag axe and has no trouble tackling the tasks asked of it. Only needs some slight modification (shortening the handle) to be 100% serviceable for my needs. I’d happily order further products from medieval shoppe (I own several of their axes already and have been impressed with each one) on 22nd Jul 2020

    4. Not Perfect, but not terrible.

      When I finally got the axe (after a stock issue) I found that the axe head was slightly loose, but it should resolve itself with use. I also found a small ding on the sharpened edge which was disappointing, but easily fixed.

      All in all not a bad axe for the price, will consider buying another in the future!
      on 27th Jun 2019

    5. Nordic Axe

      The Nordic Axe was just as described. I love it. on 16th May 2019

    6. Great axe!

      Got exactly what I wanted. Looks great, is practical and is bloody sharp! Great utility/combat axe! on 23rd Aug 2018

    7. The perfect short axe

      I purchased the Nordic Axe and wasn't sure what to expect. When it arrived safely packaged by courier service I was immediately impressed with the quality. A good stout haft and very sharp head with authentically tooled surface. Everything you would expect from a viking-era axe. It looks the part and can be used for throwing or even work around the garden. It is well made and very good value for money. on 3rd Jul 2018

    8. Sharp litte well balanced axe.

      I am very happy with this product. It is exactly as advertised. It is quite sharp and well balanced. Perfect for my re-enactment purposes too. on 3rd May 2017

    9. Awesome

      Super fast delivery, excellent quality and far better then I expected. Very happy, will definitely be buying more from here. on 3rd Apr 2017

    10. Awesome

      Quick delivery, well made very happy with this axe I'm yet to give it some hard work but If you're thinking about it? Just do it. At this price for this quality you can't go wrong. on 2nd Feb 2017

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    • Nordic Axe Tested on Analog Ballistic Gel Head!
      Thrand and Eldgrim test out Medieval Shoppes Nordic Axe on one...

    Nordic Axe Tested on Analog Ballistic Gel Head!

    Thrand and Eldgrim test out Medieval Shoppes Nordic Axe on one of Thrand's Newest Model Ivar the Druagr analog Ballistic Gel Heads! So grab an ale or mead and sit back watch the Carnage of the Nordic axe on old Ivar :D Nordic Axe Measurements and Specifications: Weight: 0.657 Kilos. Overall Length: 51 cm. Head Width: 16 cm. Head Height: 9.6 cm (widest point). Haft Thickness: 3.5 x 2.1 cm (oval). Be sure and like us on Facebook Be sure to Subscribe to our Youtube channel at Help us keep channel going on Patreon
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