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Re-enactment Crusader Sword

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    European knightly swords in the age of high chivalry were cherished items of a noble age. They developed from a utilitarian chopper into symbols of nobility and the spirit and ethos of the warriors who bore them. The classic knightly sword was the ubiquitous weapon during the age of mail when classic sword and shield fighting was the battlefield norm. It was designed to deliver strong blows and deep, dismembering cuts. A sword of this type would most commonly face mail-clad warriors in helmet and shield. However, it also needed to be able to respond to an emerging use of plate armour and thus began to incorporate some rudimentary thrusting capabilities.


    Measurements and Specifications:

    • Length: 96 cm
    • Crossguard width: 20 cm
    • Grip: 13 cm
    • Flat edges 2.5mm
    • Rounded tip (more-or-less 20c coin rounding) 
    • EN45 steel - tempered.
    • Allen key pommel connection*
    • Weight: 1.51 Kilos
    • Solid - built for full-contact fighting
    • Reinforced tang & crossguard
    • Point of balance: 12 cm from crossguard


    * This system has been developed in Germany within the last 5 years, and is becoming quite commonplace in Europe now due to its various advantages. Rattles can be quickly fixed simply by tightening the key. and for more serious repairs this system is immeasurably easier than a peened over pommel when it comes to grip removal. Also, (interestingly) pommels can become interchangeable on swords. The allen key fixture is quite discreet: black in colour, right on the end of the pommel and sunk into it by about 3mm. This is a tried-and-tested system, and we're sure you'll like it. 


    WARNING - flat edged swords are still dangerous, when in swordplay with an opponent follow established safety rules. A steel helmet and gauntlets should be considered as minimal protection.    


    Overall the Crusader is a smart looking weapon. The fullers are shallow, but even and well defined. The guard is crisp and symmetrical. The grip is wood covered with leather and possesses a ribbed texture. The pommel contains a deeply recessed cross in the St. George style (patron saint and protector of crusaders) surrounded by eight brass rivets on each side. This decorative element gives the sword a much more regal appearance and sets it apart from a common soldier's stock weapon. This is not a fantasy element: the cross does have precedent in historical examples. Crosses are seen in the pommels of period illustrations, most notably in effigies of the early 14th century. The Crusader is an impressive piece with an exceptional sense of aesthetics. 

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