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Sabatons (Solerets) - Armoured Shoes.

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    The sabaton or soleret, as it is sometimes called, covered only the top of the foot. Solerets are among the earliest examples of a defence of laminated plates, that is, of strips of metal riveted in order to give more ease of movement than solid plate. The early importance given to foot armour is probably due to the vulnerability of the feet when a knight sat on a high horse and faced off against infantry.  It is believed that the pointed form of the sabaton followed the shape of the shoes that were fashionable at the time. They first seem to appear around 1320 but remain in use up until around 1610, their overall design differing very little throughout that long period

    These ones are good for anybody who takes a size 9 to 12 shoes (13cm x 37cm) but they are designed to go over tight fitting medieval shoes and not big modern boots - so please keep this in mind! As far as attachment goes, for wearing, you will have to do drill holes. These holes are not required by everybody, so these come without them being pre-drilled. Two holes should be drilled in the uppermost lame of each sabaton, a few inches apart, and two corresponding holes should be made in the shoes beneath (preferably reinforce the shoes with additional leather patches where the holes are drilled). When you have these holes you can simply boot-lace the sabaton to the shoe, additionally (or alternatively) a strap can be added to go beneath the sole. These sabatons do flex upwards, the tip can move by a full 6cm. They are 18 Gauge with a combined weight of 1.6 Kg. 


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    1. Great armour

      Excellent moveability on the sabatons, no rust and the finish on the steel was very good. Cant wait to wear these on the field. on 18th Jun 2020

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