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    The seax served many purposes throughout its long history. In use for several centuries, it came in many forms, from small knives suited for everyday use to sword-sized weapons, with much in between. Always a single-edged weapon, it could be relatively plain or richly decorated. The seax, or sax, was universal in Northern Europe. Carried and used by the Saxons, Angles, Vikings and German tribes, its use probably dated before the fall of Rome and continued on into the early Middle Ages. From small knives with 3-4 inch blades to actual swords with blades of 27-28 inches and always single-edged, the profile of the seax varied a great deal.  
    This popular form (the broken-back seax) is often thought to be an English (Anglo-Saxon) one, but it has been found on the European continent and in significant enough numbers there to show that it was not uncommon outside the British Isles. The name broken-back derives from the back edge of the blade which angles sharply down to the tip: the back edge usually angles away from the cutting edge at the blade's base, widening the blade until a sharp angle moves it toward the point. This makes for an acute point suitable for stabbing.
    The original version of this large knife served from camp work to cutting work, on shipboard, and for fighting if a sword or axe was not available. The lobed pommel and guard are brass, and the wood grip is studded with bronze rivets, for a very secure and comfortable grip. The blade is etched on both sides and flat ground. It’s sharp, but with a little extra work it’s capable of taking and holding a razor sharp edge. (We do not sharpen them to their full extent for postal and unwrapping safety.) The leather sheath, riveted and laced like the originals, has two thong slots.
    • Overall length: 19".
    • Blade length: 13".
    • Blade width: 1 5/8".
    • Blade thickness: 1/8".
    • Weight: 1lb.
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    1. Sax kinfe

      Best bloody money I've spent good blade strong will need to be blunt for fighting but very nicely made on 8th Sep 2017

    2. Always Practice Safe Seax

      An elegant weapon.
      With a little sharpening it cuts excellently.
      The work that Medieval Shoppe puts into it's products is first rate.
      I have tested this weapon on water bottles before additional sharpening and it still functions very well.
      If you are looking for a beautifully made piece that you can pass down, generation to generation then I highly recommend this Seax.
      Once again Medieval Shoppe you do not disappoint.
      on 5th Sep 2017

    3. Happy camper

      Fell in love when I removed all her packaging and saw all of the features exposed.
      What a beauty!
      Would happily show her off to my mates around the fire.
      on 11th Apr 2017

    4. There's nothing like good Seax

      Nice piece with sound presentation & quality finish.
      Both utilitarian & decorative
      Very happy with my purchase
      on 4th Apr 2015

    5. good blade

      the saex is good balance and feels great to hold the sheath is hard to get on but looks good makes a great gift for any one who likes daggers. on 9th Sep 2014

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    • Seax Recieved and Tested!
      Thrand receives the left out Seax or Sax from Medieval Shoppe ...

    Seax Recieved and Tested!

    Thrand receives the left out Seax or Sax from Medieval Shoppe on the Jule Shipment and opens package as well as test it on heavy rolled wet news paper AKA poor man's tatami. So sit back grab an ale or mead and enjoy this surprise gift package of a very superior quality seax tested to the max for cutting ability to see if it measure up to the legends in Sagas of such blades on the field of battle. Be sure and like us on Facebook Be sure to Subscribe to our Youtube channel at Help us keep channel going on Patreon
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