T-Face Barbute Helmet - 18 Gauge

T-Face Barbute Helmet

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    • 18 gauge protection (gives historically accurate weight) 
    • Generous size (712 mm circumference).
    • With quality padded liner.
    • Thick leather chinstraps.
    • Weight: approximately 1.8 Kilos.
    • Height: approximately 28 cm.
    • Free Postage 


    A barbute is a visorless war helmet of 14th to 15th century Italian design, usually with a distinctive "T" shaped opening for the eyes and mouth. The barbute resembles classical Greek helmets (most strikingly the Corinthian) and may have been influenced by a renewed interest in ancient artifacts. The defining characteristic of the barbute is its shape; the helmet extends all the way down to cover both sides of the face. It gives the maximum facial protection without compromising vision, breathing or speech. The back of the neck is also protected.

    Many replicas of this common 15th century helmet are quite bullet-shaped, whereas this one has a more bulbous appearance, which is far more in keeping with the barbuta helmets we see in period illustrations (and more difficult to make). On the inside there is less historical accuracy  ... a modern padded lining! This increases both protection and comfort. The chinstraps, however, are not integral to this lining, so it can be removed, if you prefer to line it yourself with more historically accurate sheepskin or rabbit fur - or perhaps use a simple arming cap instead.  




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