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Two-hander Re-enactment Sword


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    • Length: 123 cm
    • Crossguard width: 24.5 cm
    • Grip: 37 cm
    • Flat edges 2.5mm
    • Rounded tip (more-or-less 20c coin rounding) 
    • EN45 steel - tempered.
    • Allen key pommel connection*
    • Weight: 1.65 Kilos
    • Solid - built for full-contact fighting
    • Reinforced tang & crossguard
    • Point of balance: 13 cm from crossguard



    This is a smooth-handling and agile sword. I have used the sword for solo drills and against a partner. The sword has a fluidity of motion similar to the feel of my best swords that I have used for practice. When transitioning from guard to guard or performing the master strikes that are part of the Liechtenauer system of fighting I can rely on my own muscle memory. The sword easily goes where I direct it. There is not that feeling of struggling against the sword. When I compare it to another of my practice swords, one with a thicker edge and narrower blade, I prefer the handling of this one. I feel that I have more control over the sword. Since this sword is designed to be used for practice and sparring, safety features are especially important. The blade has just enough flex to it to make it safe for thrusting, always assuming that both partners are wearing proper safety equipment and are controlled, yet stiff enough that the tip is easily controlled. The end is rounded for safety, and the relatively wide edge distributes more of the force from a blow than a rounded completely dull edge.



    * This system has been developed in Germany within the last 5 years, and is becoming quite commonplace in Europe now due to its various advantages. Rattles can be quickly fixed simply by tightening the key. and for more serious repairs this system is immeasurably easier than a peened over pommel when it comes to grip removal. Also, (interestingly) pommels can become interchangeable on swords. The allen key fixture is quite discreet: black in colour, right on the end of the pommel and sunk into it by about 3mm. This is a tried-and-tested system, and we're sure you'll like it. 


    WARNING - flat edged swords are still dangerous, when in swordplay with an opponent follow established safety rules. A steel helmet and gauntlets should be considered as minimal protection.    




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