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U.S. Model 1840 Light Artillery Saber

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     The U.S. Model 1840 light artillery saber has a brass hilt and knuckle-bow of about 6 inches in length, the grip wrapped in leather and bound with brass wire, and a blade of 36 inches in length. Within its steel scabbard it weighs 1.706kg. 

    Unlike the Model 1840 Heavy Cavalry Saber the artillery model has no basket. As a personal sidearm, it was intended for use by all mounted members of the field artillery, including musicians, of the United States Army and was in regulation use between 1840 and 1851, continuing through the US Civil War. In 1863 Ames made 5,300 of these sabers.

    This model was one of the many weapons produced by the Ames Manufacturing Co. of Springfield (later Chicopee), Massachusetts. The design appears to be a copy of the French saber style of 1829. The mounted artillery units accompanied dragoons to provide them with more firepower. The primary weapon of the mounted artillery were their cannons. The saber was more a traditional accoutrement than a combat weapon. The fact that Ames manufactured far fewer 1840 light artillery sabers than the number of soldiers in the artillery branch attests to this.

    This saber has a flat, brass handle, black leather grip wrapped in brass wire, and steel scabbard. Its slightly shorter but more steeply curved blade and single brass knuckle-bow distinguish this saber from similar cavalry designs. It is questionable just how much use as a weapon the light artillery saber ever saw. In theory light artillery drivers might cut their way out of a tight spot when withdrawing their cannon.


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