Valsgärde Helm

Valsgärde Helm

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    Front to Back: 9''
    Side to Side: 8''
    Circumference: 24 1/2''
    Weight: 7 lb 12.5 oz 


    This visored helmet with a prominent aventail of chain mail is inspired by examples found within the well-preserved Scandinavian boat graves at Vendel and Valsgärde - close examination of these sites and the buried wargear reveal a possible connection to the famed Sutton Hoo ship burial in England - Some experts believe that the entombed armor may have a common origin and were created in the same geographic region.

    The Vendel Era (550-790 A.D.) helmets found in the burials are elaborate designs clearly intended to to honor a great chief or champion, but from them we can see what helmet designs and style may have popular in the period and imagine what types of simpler, more utilitarian helmets would have been in common use.

    This helm has the prominent ocular face-guard and long camail - These are features seen on the surviving burial helms. These have been put onto a Spangenhelm-style helmet - common at the time for its good protection and relatively simple construction. This is a type of helmet that may have been worn by the warriors of a Vendel-Period Scandinavian kingdom that once held sway over the Uppland region of Sweden. Wealthy from their control of mines and iron production, the kingdom could afford to field a contingent of armored cavalrymen. Expensive to equip and maintain, the existence of these elite warriors speaks volumes of the relative wealth that this Dark Ages kingdom had at hand. These noteworthy warriors may have worn a protective and imposing helm such as this Valsgärde (Vendel) Helm. They are noted by Goth scholar Jordanes, who remarks that after the Thuringians, the Swedes had the best horses.

    This Vendel Era Helm is crafted of 18 gauge steel with riveted construction Its hand-hammered dome and antiqued finish give it a rough-forged appearance. It has an integrated aventail of butted chainmail links. The blackened interior of the helm is lined with an adjustable leather liner. 

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