Viking Long Spear

Viking Long Spear (sharp spearhead)

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    Viking Long Spear



    • Length: 53.5 cm 
    • Blade width: 4.8 cm (widest point)
    • Weight: 0.489 Kg
    • Width of socket (internal): 2.9cm (tapering)
    • Steel
    • Sharp


    Spearheads - back in stock! Sharp - EN45 steel, tempered with socket - the real deal.
    The "humble" spear - a disposable item? Primitive? A poor man's weapon? Think again! Favoured in combat for tens of thousands of years: usually NOT thrown but instead used as a primary hand held weapon. A skilled wielder could engage his (or her) foe whilst keeping out of sword range. Shields could be hooked down and gaps in the armour accurately sought: in the right hands they were formidable and deadly. Throughout most of the Middle Ages the spear was the primary weapon of the average warrior: especially amongst the Vikings. The notion that many a warrior would have preferred it over a sword in a melee, is quite plausible.      
    Aside from being a cool medieval collectable, nowadays, they're often used by pig hunters; as when the dogs are on a pig, it's too dangerous to get close with a knife, and too risky, for the dogs, for the use of a firearm - so a spear is often an implement of choice. In the wilderness of North America (in the absence of a gun) they are handy for countering a bear attack. How do we know this? Because American buyers have told us so; and who are we to argue with those tough enough to walk in the midst of grizzly bears? Likewise (we imagine) in Africa, for hyenas, lions etc. - although we've yet to get an order from the Maasai - probably because they have plenty of their own.
    So what about this beauty? Well, it's actually a replica of a real Viking spearhead - if that doesn't strike you as cool, I give up.



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    1. Excellent Purchase Especially for the Price

      This is a very nice and sturdy spear head of decent length. I have yet to find any other with the same quality for a price even close to the one offered here. While not razor sharp, it is very acceptable for the purpose. on 9th Apr 2019

    2. Big Spear!

      Really impressed with this spear! Is now the longest spear in my collection. As already stated she is long but also sleek with a slight edge, something to work on if so desired. The flat profile of the blade is perfect to slide between your opponents ribs, perhaps while fighting a Saxon, a Gael or even a Pict. Love the banding along the socket where blade and socket meet, perhaps referring to ordmungur? The historic provenance of the design was the main reason for my purchase and I wasn't disappointed. Will go well with the Tondevold spear already in my collection, which I also purchased from Medieval Shoppe.

      Very impressed with postage. Arrived super fast, in only two days!
      on 13th Jul 2018

    3. Long and sharp

      Attached to a good timber shaft, this looks impressive and would be a very formidable weapon. on 6th Jun 2016

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      I mount a spearhead onto a suitable shaft on a Finnish lakesid...

    Mounting a Spearhead

    I mount a spearhead onto a suitable shaft on a Finnish lakeside Asennan keihäänkärjen seipääseen järven rannalla
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