Viking Seax (Long Knife)

Viking Seax (Long Knife)


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    • Overall length: 41 cm.
    • Blade length: 30.5 cm.
    • Blade width: 4.6 cm widest point.
    • Blade thickness: 4.2 mm
    • Hilt length: 10.8 cm.
    • Weight: 0.515 kg.
    • With real leather scabbard


    This functional knife is strange by modern standards and would definitely appeal to any knife collector or historical edged-weapons aficionado. The blade is angled away from the hilt, yet it is perfectly straight - not curved like a kukri (for example). This design creates an efficient straight-arm stab, as it nicely follows the line of the arm and gives an extra few inches of reach. It produces devastating downward slashes and "upper cuts" yet the design proves awkward for most types of stabbing/thrusting and parrying. My own theory, is that it was a specialised long knife that worked well against a shield wall: the angled blade being more suited to working around the shield of an opponent. This makes sense to me, especially as this knife design seemed to disappear (more-or-less) with the demise of the shield wall.

    The term seax is used to describe an early medieval knife, thought to be of German origin. The earliest known examples come from the 5th century from Frankish graves but the basic design was used well into the 11th century and spread throughout Europe. Variations of the design lasted even longer. The seax is a single-edged knife, usually with a thick spine that finishes with a clipped point. This seax fits nicely in the hand.  The curve of the grip is comfortable and it feels secure on the hand. There is no guard, but the weapon is carved in such a way that one need not worry about the hand sliding onto the blade if it’s thrust into something relatively unyielding. The EN45 steel blade is sharp and stout and should hold up to whatever use is thrown its way. The blade is polished to a satin finish with evidence of some subtle grind or file marks.

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    1. Not a bad knife for the price

      Could easily be used for camping and stuff but would make a great accessory to any mediaeval do, a good priced piece of history if on a budget. Blade Stayz nicely in the sheath. on 8th Oct 2021

    2. Excellent craftsmanship

      This is a beautifully balanced blade which feels very light in the hand. When you hold this blade it feels sturdy and ready for action. I have a large block of land with a lot of long grasses and low shrubs, and this is perfect for clearing a path when I’m exploring. The sheath sits horizontally on the belt, and when fitted on the lower back it is easy to forget it’s there it’s so evenly balanced. The steel holds it’s sharpness well.

      I really like this. This is the second weapon I have purchased from The Medieval Shoppe, and I’ve been really impressed with the quality of both. It boggles the mind how these excellent weapons can be so cheap! I’m so happy I’ve literally just bought the other style of seax available in the shop. I think I’m (happily) hooked!!
      on 5th Oct 2021

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