Xiphos - Ancient Greek Sword

Xiphos - Ancient Greek Sword


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    • High Grade Replica Xiphos.
    • Solid Brass Fittings.
    • Hand Forged Blade.
    • Full Tang.
    • Sharp.
    • Functional.
    • EN45 Steel Blade.
    • With Studded Scabbard.
    • Leather Grip.


    This is a very solid sword to hold in the hand - you will immediately be aware that this is a robust and well constructed weapon: a handmade worthy tribute to the hoplites of Ancient Greece. There is great irony in noting that the xiphos (most successful sword design of the Ancient World) was developed by the Greeks, who were ostensibly spearmen. Their swords (although superb by the standards of the time) were never regarded as the main battle weapon and played a purely secondary role. Once the spears had been thrown, or lost in battle, swords were then engaged to finish the conflict in a decisive manner. The xiphos was introduced around 800-400BC, comprised of a double-edged, leaf-shaped blade and was effective in both slashing and stabbing.


    Weight: 1.224 Kilos (excluding scabbard)

    Overall length: 74cm

    Blade length: 56cm

    Blade width: 5.3cm (at widest point)

    Grip length: 12,3cm (excluding pommel)

    Guard width: 10 cm

    Point of Balance: 8.7 cm from guard

    Centre of Percussion: 22.3 cm from guard



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    1. Greece Lightning

      Holding this sword made me feel pretty great. in an Alexander-y kind of way.
      It's a beautiful blade, very sturdy. The leather of the handle is slightly slick, which seems counterintuitive for a "grip". The sheath is fine, though the piece which allows for belt attachment is only glued in place.
      Compared to the heft of this "short" sword (still a solid hand-and-a-half-er on a medium person such as myself), though, these are impossibly minor details. This is a sword for forging nations.
      Bonus points: drawing it from scabbard causes a movie-quality "schwing" noise.
      on 19th Feb 2015

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