Roman Gladius Pompeianus semi-spatha Roman gladius (sword)

Gladius Pompeianus semi-spatha - Roman sword

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    • High grade replica Roman sword.
    • Bone handle.
    • Quality hardwood pommel and guard
    • EN45 steel blade
    • Hand forged
    • Sharp
    • Superb!
    • Free postage for Australia & New Zealand


    There are a few weapons that are familiar and well recognized even to those with no interest in the subject. Weapons such as the Nepalese Kuhkri, the English Longbow, the Kentucky Rifle, and the Colt Peacemaker receive almost instant signs of recognition throughout the world. Another weapon to be included in this pantheon of well-known designs is undoubtedly the Roman Gladius.

    This blade features a pleasing burnished finish, which is evenly applied and very attractive. The blade's central ridge is subtle. As the blade meets the hilt it is reinforced by a steel plate that has been cleanly set into the sword's lower guard. The upper and lower guards are fashioned from tropical hardwood that is very pleasing in both colour and grain structure. A grip made from real bone completes the assembly. The entire assembly is secured by a bronze pommel nut through which the tangs runs. All components are well fitted with no overlapping or gaps in the assembly of this sword.


    Overall length: 72cm

    Blade length: 49.5cm

    Blade width: 5.1cm

    Grip length: 9.8cm

    Guard width: 8.2cm

    Point of Balance: 10.9 cm from Guard

    Centre of Percussion: 36.3 cm from guard



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    1. Pompeii gladius

      The sword and sheath are very nice. Came very sharp. The only gripe is the sheath-sword fit is loose, all in all well worth the money. on 15th May 2015

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