About Us

Unsurpassed and leading supplier of all things MEDIEVAL Down Under

The Medieval Shoppe is one of the pioneering manufacturers, importers and retailers of medieval reproduction items in Australia.  

We are chiefly merchants of reproduction medieval swords and steel armour, but also sell medieval and Renaissance clothing, functional leather armour and LARP (Live Action Role Playing) gear; The Medieval Shoppe has supplied sword aficionados, historic blade collectors, re-enactors and LARP groups with high quality artefacts in over twenty different countries, from afar afield as Brazil, South Africa, Qatar and Estonia. We have supplied to movie production companies, Shakespearean theatre groups, adevertising agencies, the ABC Costume Department, Kryal Castle (Victoria), the Australian National Maritime Museum (Sydney),  the Abbey Museum of Art & Archaeology (Queensland), and even to a castle in England (Bodium).

The Medieval Shoppe offers many different "museum quality" replicas which are as near to the originals as possible, as well as armour that is made to perform. Aside from our standard items, we carry many products that are handmade at the time of order by master craftsmen, many of which come with accolades from museums or historic societies which serve testament to their workmanship, and years of research and study go into each piece they offer.

Opening hours can vary, the office is occasionally unattended - if you wish to visit, please call to make an appointment. 

1/1 Kangaroo Drive
NSW 2529

Tel: 02 42971039