Welcome to the New Website


*New Website
*Huge Amount of New Products
*New Email Address

Welcome to our new website! It's still a work in progress, but we thought it complete enough to go live with. It has the same web address as always though. This new website has improved credit card facilities (you no longer have to go through PayPal for credit card payments if you don't want to) but most of all, it's ipad and mobile phone responsive, so the site looks different, behaves differently and is easier to use with each viewing method.

We must admit that there have been quite a few gaping holes in our inventory over the last few months. This has now been rectified. Over the next two weeks many old favourites will re-appear on the website as well as totally new items. We hope to be uploading about four new products a day for the rest of this month. Another new feature of the site is an RSS feed, so you can keep a close eye on these activities if you so wish.

For many years (just through laziness I guess) we've been using the Yahoo network for our emails. I was perpetually procrastinating about buying Microsoft Outlook and hooking up a proper email to the domain name - as I did realize that having a Yahoo address wasn't that impressive. But to make things far worse, about five months ago Yahoo seemed to fall out with the e-bay owned company who were running our old website, and throughout this time we were not even getting half of our emails - so if you were ever "ignored" - it was not intentional! The old Yahoo email address will still be monitored, but the official email address is now, ........ wait for it ........ info@medievalshoppe.com.au .....